Jan 20, 2018

Wudang Sanfeng 28 Style Tai Ji Quan

Current Classes
Wudang 28 Style Tai Ji Quan
Wudang Tai Ji Quan focuses on the integration of the body, energy and spirit. Class consists of qi gong warm-ups, stretching, stances, standing meditation, and single form practice. This leads to the development of a well rounded Tai Ji practitioner who can demonstrate the fundamental skills of Tai Ji Quan through the 28 style solo form. Tai Ji Quan trains grounded-ness, adaptability, enhanced awareness, healing and peace.
The Wudang school emphasizes the integration of the martial, health, and self cultivation aspects of Tai Ji Quan.
Sundays starting 2/23/14
French Broad Co-op Movement and Learning Center
90 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, NC 28801

Call or e-mail Greg for more informtaion

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28 Form Wudang
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