Jan 20, 2018

wudang sanfeng taijiquan 18 shi

Yürgen Oster shows a short form, excerpted from 108-style wudang original sanfeng taijiquan for giving beginners an easy start.
Wudang taijiquan applies the soft to overcome the hard, stillness to lead movements. It reacts behind but take upper hand first, thus it is a good way of body strengthening and self-defense. By practicing it, people can convert strength into inner energy, then into spirit, so that it makes up for weakness and cooperate the Dao.  It combines wushu with regime and can achieve the purpose of gaining a longer life, becoming more intelligent and stronger.
When practiced, it flows very smoothly by following, connecting, pasting, and striking. To practice it well, it requires tranquil mood. You also have to bend the chest but erect the back, relax shoulders and lower elbows. What is more, they also have to be done naturally.

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18 Form Wudang
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