Jan 20, 2018

Wudang Shifu Paty Lee CHINA Dragon Form 武當龍華拳 Kung Fu

Shifu Paty Lee, Alumna y Esposa del Maestro senna, en China, entrenamiento en Shaolin y Wudang – Wudangshan, Hubei con GrandMaster Yuan Xiu Gang;

Born in 1971, Master Yuan Xiu Gang, a Daoist priest (Daoist name Shi Mao), is the 15th generation disciple of Wudang SanFeng Sect. This lineage dates back to the 14th century when Zhang San Feng became enlightened by the Dao and created Taijiquan.

Master Yuan has loved martial arts since his early childhood. At the age of 7, he started basic physical training in wushu, and at 16 he studied Shaolin wushu for 3 years. As a result of his increasing skill in gongfu, understanding of internal martial arts, and enthusiasm for Daoism, in 1991 he went to Wudang Mountain, the reknown center of Daoism and internal martial arts. Master Yuan was fortunate to be accepted as a disciple by the great Master Zhong Yun Long.

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