Jan 20, 2018

Wudang Sword 武当剑 Wudang Eight Immortal Sword Form

Wudang sword. Wudang Eight Immortal Sword Form or Wudang Baxian Jian (Eight Immortal Sword) includes 81 postures. This sword form originated from the stances of The Eight Immortals:

1) He Xian-gu (with lotus flowers)
2) Li Tie-guai (with pilgrim’s gourd and iron crutch)
3) Cao Gou-Jiu (with castanets)
4) L¨¹ Dong-bin (with fly-wisk and sword)
5) Han Xiang-zi (with a flute)
6) Zhuang-li Quan (with fan and peach of immortality)
7) Lan Cai-he (with basket of flowers)
8) Zhang Guo-lao (with drum)

When done quickly, this form hides the movement of the body with the sword. Baxian Jian is known for its simplicity, its combined force of both hardness & softness and for the imitative stances of Eight Immortals.

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