Jan 20, 2018

Wudang Taihe boxing movement and application

武當太和拳是武當道教本山拳之一,歷代秘傳,後經武當道內傳於民間,共二十二式,日前為大眾普及健身養生套路,適宜於不同年齡人群演練。 特點:武當太和拳演練起來,立如峰穩,動若雲悠,內含太極、陰陽、五行、八卦運化之理,蘊養生之道。The Wudang Taihe boxing movement is one of Wudang Taoist own boxing, it was came down from Wudang interior Taoism, all 22 parts. Now it’s a good way to keep health for all the people. Points: activity and rest all together, contains Taichi, Yinyang, Wuxing, and the Eight Diagrams. For more information, please visit www.etaichi.net

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