Jan 20, 2018

Wudang XuanWu Pai TaiJi Quan 18 Form – Tutorial



WuDang XuanWu Pai
Wudang Shi Ba Shi TaiJi Quan

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The Eighteen form Taijiquan in Wudang boxing is a new frame. In order to meet the need of national and foreign fans for Wudang boxing and to coordinate with the work the policy of “people all setting-up athletic exercises”, with the support of the state athletic Wushu department it was created by Master Yang Qun Li.

Later on Master You Xuande created a simplified version of this form and launched a campaign all over China to promote health through Wudang Boxing.

Eighteen forms has been spreaded to all over the world and formed an uniform routine in competition of Wudang that has been examined and approved by the headmaster of Wudang You xuande, which has since then been practiced by his disciples.

The routine includes the essentials of Old Frame TaiJi Quan, Tai Yi Zhang, Mian Zhang, WuXing YangSHeng Gong, XingYi Quan and BaGua Zhang.

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