Jan 28, 2018

Xingyi 12 Animals – Clip from DVD “Shi Er Xing” – 12 Shapes – Hsing-I 12 Animals

Xingyi 12 Animals – www.internalfightingarts.com – This is a clip from Sifu Ken Gullette’s 2-hour instructional DVD teaching the advanced form combining the Xingyi 12 Animals. The form is called “Shi Er Xing,” which means “12 Shapes.” It’s a powerful form that Ken has practiced for years, and he has also won gold medals and first-place trophies in competition. This clip is from the section on the animal Snake. The DVD teaches the form step-by-step, plus 127 self-defense techniques from the form’s movements, all with an emphasis on the internal body mechanics that make Xingyiquan such a powerful fighting art. The form combines the 12 individual animal forms (those are taught on Ken’s Hsing-I 12 Animals DVD) into an advanced form. Visit Ken’s membership site at www.internalfightingarts.com or his DVD site at www.kungfu4u.com/hsing-i-dvds.html.

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