Feb 5, 2018

Yang Style 18 Fan Front Demo 杨式18势太极扇正面示范

Tai Chi Fan routine demonstrated by Master Yip See Kit from NewAgeTaichi.

The smooth and gentle movements in this Tai Chi Fan routine allows anyone to practice and master it easily.

The Fan routines promotes movement of the body in all 3 planes of action and emphasizes a lot on proper posture alignment and maintaining strong Core stability.

Coupled with the soothing background music, makes the overall practice filled with total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

We strongly believe that each individual is unique and as such, our Tai Chi fitness program is always uniquely customized based on each individual needs.

NewAgeTaichi fitness program helps to prevent or eliminate injury and pain such as the knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, soreness and fatigue which is often due to poor postural habits and sedentary lifestyle.

In NewAge, we are committed to creating a Great Positive and lasting experience for our clients. We don’t simply teach Tai Chi. The teaching of Tai Chi is merely the stage we use to deliver an experience designed to entice clients to come back for more

Private 1-1 and group Tai Chi Classes available at Evolution Fitness Studio located at ITE College West, Singapore.

Corporate Tai Chi Clinics and Workshop available

For more information, visit www.NewAgeTaichi.com

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