Jan 22, 2018

32 Form Tai Chi Demonstration Master Amin Wu 吳阿敏新版32式太極拳DVD

32 Form Tai Chi Instructional DVD in English and Chinese Just Released!

DVD Title: 32 Form Tai Chi /32式太極拳

Instructor: Master Amin Wu 吳阿敏

Format: HD DVD Widescreen 16:9 高清DVD

Region: NTSC All Region

Languages: English and Mandarin Chinese 中英文雙語解說

Time: 138 minutes 時長:138分鐘

ISBN: 978-0-9884009-2-8

32 Form Tai Chi is an intermediate level Tai Chi routine that was created by the Chinese National Wushu Association. Following the beginner level 24 Form Tai Chi, the 32 Form is based on Yang-style and combines essential techniques from Chen-style, Wu-style and Sun-style Tai Chi. The form is easy to learn and practice by people of all ages.

This DVD is taught from multiple angles with close-ups and detailed explanations. Each chapter provides front and back view demonstrations and a complete 32 Form demonstration provides a supplementary visual guide.

Regular practice of Tai Chi calms your mind, improves balance, and enhances overall mobility, endurance, flexibility and muscle strength.

About the Instructor: Master Amin Wu won 8 China National and International championships including the coveted titles “China’s All Around Champion” for Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword, and Tai Chi Push Hands. Master Wu is a graduate of the Wushu Department of Beijing University of Physical Education. She hosted CCTV’s morning Tai Chi program and taught Tai Chi to millions of viewers across China.

To purchase the instructional DVD, visit website: www.aminwutaichi.com


本教材包括完整示範, 分解教學, 要點提示, 和背向領練. 通過多角度的演示, 和對每一個步法,手法, 要領等精細講解, 來達到甚似親臨課堂的視聽學練效果, 是一部規範精準, 權威實用的太極教程.

吳阿敏師傅畢業於北京體育大學, 曾八次榮獲國際武術大賽和中國全國武術錦標賽太極拳項目冠軍. 曾連續六年擔任中央電視台體育頻道太極學堂節目主講老師, 並發行過上百種在國內外長久熱銷的太極運動教學光盤.

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