Jan 6, 2020

Baguazhang / PaKua Chang – Application Lean On Horse To Ask Way – Blending & Application

Video Description

Here I demonstrate the use of the very first movement or posture of the Jiang Rong Qiao form – Lean On Horse To Ask Way. The use of this movement to enter into a person’s space and blend with their movements is a key element of applying Baguazhang in real time. Understanding the expanding spiralling structure is essential for proper application and making the connection to using the Bagua Circle from Circle Walking training to move into another person’s space. ‘Entering’ or ‘blending’ as it is sometimes called is at the core of real time application for Baguazhang – and the very first movement, Lean On Horse To Ask Way, gives you everything you need to be able to understand and learn it for yourself.

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Ba Gua
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