Jun 17, 2021

Chang Tung Sheng taichi

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During his time as student of Nanking Central Martial Arts Academy, Ch’ang Tung-Sheng was obliged to study other Chinese martial arts, including Shaolin, Tan Tui (the Muslim Springing-leg style), Pa Kua, and Tai-Chi. The style of Tai-Chi by Ch’ang was influenced during a martial art exchange with General Li Jin-Ling, a Yang style Tai-Chi master who was a generation earlier than Yang Cheng-Fu. This style of Tai-Chi also became part of Ch’ang’s daily practice as Ch’ang style Tai-Chi Chuan. He was known to study a system and then assimilate and integrate its techniques and forms into his Shuai-Chiao. Ch’ang style Tai-Chi and Hsing Jing (Ch’ang’s “essence of Hsing-Yi”) were two results of this process, giving him the ability to kick and punch with the same confidence that he threw and locked.

GM Chang modified 6 moves out of the original form and “snake creep down” is one of the 6 changed. The reason was he believed the original move had dangerous form people stepping down on your leading leg knee. Also if you want tp apply “firemen’s carry” throw then you have to point your knee straight up.

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