Jan 28, 2018

Cheng Style BaGua Mud Wading Step and 8 Palms w Liu Jing-Ru

The special stepping of Ba Gua Chang (8 Diagram Palm) is derived from the number “8” in Chinese or “Ba”. In Chinese characters, the number “8” is written with two slashes that face each other like the two sides of the letter “A”. So, the feet always step in this pattern. Whether toeing-in or toeing-out, the feet are always making the shape of “ba”. The mud-wading step is also used so that the strength comes from the thighs using solid steps like a chicken. You know what a chicken’s drumstick looks like. Observe a live chicken walking and standing on one foot. Solid steps with the power of the thighs, rooted in the center of the foot. This is the theory, but even Liu Jing-Ru does not quite attain it because Ba Gua Zhang is simple in concept but difficult in practice.

Presented here is the Cheng Style BaGua Mud-Wading Step and 8-Palms with Liu_Jing-Ru.

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