Feb 6, 2018

Daniel Caulfield – Push Hands World Champion – 2004 Chung Hwa Tai Chi World Cup Taipei, Taiwan

A collection of several Fixed Step and Moving Step matches (Men’s 75Kg) from Daniel Caulfield, assistant coach of Grandmaster William C. C. Chen’s 2004 US Push Hands Team in Taipei, Taiwan for the 7th Chung Hwa Tai Chi International Championship (Tai Chi World Cup). Background matches from teammates Trevor Cohen and Jan Lucanus. Cornering from coach Josh Waitzkin, Jan C. Childress, Maximillion Chen, Calum Douglas-Reid, and Irving Yee.

**NOTE** The final Fixed Step match of this video shows Dan losing to an opponent. However, two of Dan’s teammates noticed that the final round of the match was held for longer than the standard 2-minute round duration. This caused a bit of a controversy at the tournament. It was because of this video that the officials reached a decision to recount the points within the proper round time-frame, finding Daniel Caulfield as the Fixed Step Push Hands gold medalist.

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Read Josh Waitzkin’s book The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, recounting the events of the Tai Chi World Cup and his experience with his team:

Footage shot by Mercer Boffey.

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