Feb 15, 2021

Five Elements Bagua Tai Chi (Yang Taiji Quan)

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Face south stand, Peng to east(Zhen wood) thunder, Lu from south(Li fire) to center (earth), Ji to west(Dui metal), An to north(Kan water), Cai to North west(Qian sky), Lie to Southwest(Kun earth), Zhou South east (Xun wind), Kao North east (Gen mountain). With step to forward, step to backward, look left side, see the right side and central steady. These include the 13 posture movements and 5 elements of Bagua Tai Chi.
This is 5 elements nourish life Tai Chi, first movement is face south stand Wuji Zhuang, and then Peng to east wood is spring liver Qi born up, and then step to south fire heart summer heart Qi born up and from south Lu to center earth spleen Qi born up, and then step to west metal, the autumn lung Qi born up, and then step to the north water the winter kidney Qi born, this is the 5 elements relationship and 5 steps with four directions, plus Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao on 4 corners directions to build up 8 directions Bagua 9 palace movements Tai Chi for body health. This is based on Yang style Tai Chi movements.

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