Jul 5, 2020

FULL BODY WARM UP // Bagua Zhang: Arm & Knee Circles

Video Description


Arm & Knee Circles:

In this video I demonstrate two versions of Arm and Knee Circles. If you are curious enough to play with some new movement patterns over Christmas, this is my gift for you.
These exercises, if done often and over long periods of time have an amazing nourishing effect on the body.
Begin to find the coordination with the arms. Single, double and then integrate the legs. Start in a wide stance and work yourself into your personal perfect position over time. Note that all hips were not created equally, so you might need to turn in or out your toes a bit to find the sweet spot for maximum range of motion in the lowest possible stance. But, take your time!
Focus on whole body connection.
These exercises are my absolute favorite warm up exercises. They just make me feel amazing, every time I do them. I am sure you will enjoy them just as much.
Curious to hear your feedback!

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