Jul 10, 2020

[HD]Master Yang Hai: Xing Yi Quan -Kung Fu Masters in Hk Exclusive Interview

Video Description

[HD] Exclusive Interview and demonstration part 1 with Master Yang Hai.
Who teaches the 3 internal arts of Xing yi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Chen Style Tai Chi in Montreal canada. He is known as one of the foremost internal arts exponents who teaches publicly in the west. Watch the first part of the interview for a short explanation of his lineage and styles, followed by exciting demonstrations of Xing Yi Quan.

(00:00) Introduction and lineage
(05:56) Qi, Qigong and Martial arts
(09:39) Demonstration and explanation – Xing Yi Syllabus
(15:46) Demonstration – Fajing and Single movements
(17:38) Demonstration and explanation – Differences between Master Yang’s 3 Lineages of Xing Yi
(22:40) Xing Yi Spear
(24:35) In class teaching of applications

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