Feb 11, 2020

Henan, Yin Yang Bagua Quan

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Yīn Yáng Bāguà Quán, Dà jià 1 & 2
This style is practiced in Wuzhi county’s Dan Shi Si Cun (East Stone Temple Village) in Henan province.
This style is based on Bagua Yin / Yang theory and has twelve major hand sets, eight large frame and four small frame. It also contains many weapon sets and conditioning methods.
The art originated with Shi GongJu who was a commanding officer under Taiping General Shi Da Kai. At the end of the rebellion after the Taiping army began to disintegrate Shi GongJu decided to stay in the north and lead his troops in battle against the Qing army. His army was destroyed in the battle and he was seriously injured. He was cared for by a farmer in East Stone Temple Village in Henan. This farmer was named Li YuHua. After recovering from injuries Shi Gong Ju discovered that the farmer had a great love of martial arts. The two became close friends and Shi Gong Ju passed on his secret art of Yin Yang Bagua Quan to Li YuHua.
Years later Li YuHua became famous for his skill and a Qing Official attempted to hire him as a body guard. He turned this offer down but agreed to a public demonstration for the official in the form of an open public challenge. In this challenge he fought and easily defeated several highly skilled and well known professional bodyguards.
The art is still passed down in Dan Shi Si (East Stone Temple) village.

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