May 30, 2020

How to Place Bagua (Pakua) Mirror for Vastu, Feng Shui, For Positive Energy.

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How to Place Bagua (Pakua) Mirror for Vastu, Feng Shui, For Positive Energy. To Reverse Negative Energy:
A Bagua mirror is used to reflect right back the negative energy pointing at your front door. very powerful and it just promotes the endless bouncing of negative energy. mirror will “suck in” the negative energy and neutralize it.
To protect against and counteract bad luck.
Its magical protection consists of reversing or returning back any harmful “poisons arrows” that are sent your way.
The bagua mirror can help protect you and your home [and your place of work] from any negativity that may come flying your way.
Traditionally, the feng shui bagua mirror is placed above or near the front door.
Never ever use them indoors.

Bagua mirror may be required when you have:

Noisy or disruptive neighbours.
A large building or corners of a building
Power lines
A T-intersection where the road points at the home.
Ugly scenery.
Incorrectly positioned trees.
An offending pole or any sort of tower.
A roof line edge or any other kind of building or structure facing your front door.
An escalator pointing towards your business.
Infrastructures or landscapes in front of your home or business front door.
An electrical transformer opposite your home.
A cemetery, mortuary or undertakers opposite your home.

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