Jan 28, 2018

Multiple Attacker Strategy – Intro to Clear’s Bagua Lesson 1

Bagua specializes in dealing with multiple attackers. In this lesson, Sigung Richard Clear covers the fundamental strategy and principles necessary for surviving an attack by multiple assailants.

If you are going to survive a situation where several people are attacking you, there are some smart strategies, and there are things you simply cannot afford to do. One thing you can never do is get locked up or engaged with any one of the attackers. That means you can’t grapple or wrestle, and you can’t let them grab onto you. It also means you can’t go toe-to-toe with anyone.

The first thing you have to do is get moving. The next thing is keep moving. This sounds easy to do, but in practice it will require some training. In the video, Sigung Clear demonstrates how pausing for even a split second could be enough for the multiple assailants to get to you. If that happens, the rest of the fight is unlikely to go in your favor.

Understanding and training these skills is critical because everything we do in future lessons will build on top of this.

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