Jan 22, 2018

sun style 13 step group practice / 孙氏太极拳13式 – 叶志威师傅

孙氏太极拳第四代传人 叶志威师傅带领爱好者学习孙氏太极拳13式。
Sun Style Tai Chi chuan is one of the five major Tai chi Styles. Created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang. the routine here is a short version of the system aimed at giving enthusaists an insight to this unique system.

It is also a fantastic exercise for health and wlebeing and proven to be significantly beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis, Arthritis, joint conditions and blood circulation problems.

Master Tary is one for the world’s leading master and standard bearer of the style with direct lineage to Sun Lu Tang.

This video was filmed during one of the China Tai Chi Trip, where Master Tary we practising with the group of students who went for the exchange and cultural tour.

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