Jan 22, 2018

Sun Style Tai Chi 10 Movement Form with David Chandler – Instructional Video

Sun Style 10 Movement Tai Chi Form with David Chandler –
A full instructional video for this form taught by David Chandler is available at

Run Time: 71 min
Written, directed, and performed by David Chandler Eagle’s Quest Tai Chi Center
Original music by Mike Bennett
Edited and produced by Michele Kinrade

Tai Chi is a soft flowing meditative exercise system which clears the mind and energizes the body. The gentle movements awaken the life force in a balanced way, inducing radiant health, serenity and rejuvenation.

David Chandler, Director of the Eagle’s Quest Tai Chi Center, has been “playing” Tai Chi Chuan since 1975. His teaching experience spans from Europe and throughout the United States.

Formally inducted into the Sun Style in 2008, David continues his studies directly under Grandmaster Sun, Yongtian in Beijing, China.

In 2014, he assisted Grandmaster Sun in teaching the Sun 10-Movement Form at the International Tai Chi Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky.

David also teaches tai chi and stage combat at the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neil Theater Center, and is well known for his fight choreography in numerous theatrical productions.

David is a gifted teacher. His delightful presence coupled with beautiful locations in nature and peaceful music make this program a joy to work with on a daily basis!

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