Feb 6, 2018

tai chi push hands tai chi chuan fight style use tai chi – lesson 2

Tai Chi fight combat tai chi chuan fight style use tai chi Lesson
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Tai Chi is sometimes translated as ‘supreme ultimate’ or ‘great polarity’ and is expressed in the symbol of yin and yang. A universal force composed of the powers of yin and yang is central to Taoist philosophy. ‘Chuan’ means fist or boxing, Tai chi Chuan means supreme ultimate boxing or grand ultimate fist, the highest attainable martial art using the principles of yin and yang.
Master Wong’s grand ultimate fist videos combines all the essential moves from Tai Chi Chuan and converting it to a lethal body weapon.
Master Wong’s simple training lessons are easy to follow. These Taiji quan exercises prepare your body for combat moves. He explains the dangers of the movements if you don’t do it correctly. Even the slightest movement can change the out come either for you or attacker. Master Wong seriously illustrates how the Chen style can destroy or play with your opponent. To use tai chi in combat you must be in control of your body and balance. Your accuracy must be on point to be effective. Master Wong uses pull, push, strikes, grabbing, lock and hold techniques to show functional Tai Chi chuan can be in the 21st century once you know how to use tai chi in combat.

There are 5 styles of Tai Chi forms. Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Ng.
Tai Chi chuan or also known as Taijiquan was originated by a Shaolin monk Chan San Feng, while studying in the Taoist monasteries on Wudang Mountain. The Yang style is the most commonly style practiced compared to the Chen style. Yang is popularly known for its health benefits and the body is not as physically challenged compared to the Chen style. Chen requires hard, fast, slow and soft moments, a very dynamic form to practice. If you want to learn tai chi combat these lessons is a good place to start.

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You can now get our range of Tai Chi videos from foundation to advance level on download from platform purple. You can now have Tai Chi lessons in the comfort of your own home.

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