Feb 6, 2018

Tai Chi: Yang Lu-Ch’an Form 10,000 Fighting Applications

The 10,000 Fighting Techniques of the Old Yang Style: Volume Three.
Not really 10,000, this is just the way that the Chinese have of describing that there are a lot of them. 10,000 seems to be the number that they use for everything that has to be done a lot. Here, Erle Montaigue carries on with the long awaited series on the main applications from the postures of the Yang Lu-ch’an form showing not only the basics but also the dim-mak applications following each posture. This is not meant to teach the Old Yang Style as one should already know it, it is just to demonstrate and to teach what each posture is for. On this volume Erle takes you from the posture known as High pat on Horse just before the first kicking section and up to the posture called High Pat On Horse, (but not including) in the third 3rd

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