Aug 15, 2016

The Effect of Tai Chi on Reducing the Risk of Falling – Tai Chi Hangout

taichiUsing controlled trials the NCBI has proof that Tai Chi is very beneficial as a preventive measure against falling. In other words you practice Tai Chi is helps people stop falling over due to them losing their balance. Like those of us in the Tai Chi world did not already know this, LOL.

Tai Chi has frequently been used as a preventive measure against falling in at-risk populations. However, studies have yielded contradictory results, and literature reviews have considered only a small number of trials and have not addressed some key aspects, such as sources of heterogeneity and publication bias. This study includes 13 controlled trials published before June 2015 that analyzed the effectiveness of Tai Chi in fall prevention in populations of frail and at-risk adults.

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